Thinking of Selling your Window Cleaning Business?

Border Window Clean is looking to purchase existing window cleaning businesses and rounds in and around the Scottish Borders, East Lothian, and Midlothian.

We'll look at businesses of any size, from a small round that's just getting started to an established window cleaning business. If you're thinking about selling your established window cleaning business, or you're just starting your own round but want to work as a window cleaner for a larger company where your income is guaranteed every week, then we'll be interested in talking to you.

How To Get Started

To get started we'll need to find out a few basic things about your business. We try not to be too intrusive about confidential information, but a good overview of your business is essential.

Some of the things we might ask you about are:

  • Why are you selling your business?
    It's the most obvious question to ask.
  • How long have you been in business for?
    Are you a long-established company, or relatively new?
  • What are you selling?
    Is it purely a window cleaning business or does it do other work such as office cleaning? Can the window cleaning part be separated from the rest of the business?

    Is there equipment for sale with the business such as vans, water-fed pole systems?
  • What will you do after you sell?
    Are you retiring, moving away, have another job, or do you want to work for Border Window Clean. We can be flexible to fit in with your plans.
  • Where is most of your work located and what area do you cover?
    Is it located in a couple of towns, or is it more widely spread throughout the area or region?
  • How many people work for the company altogether, including yourself?
    Do you work alone or have some people working for you? Are all the people working for you window cleaners or do you have people carrying out other tasks e.g. office staff, mechanics. Are they full-time, part-time, self employed? What do you expect will happen to these people if you sell to us?
  • What type of work do you do? How is this split up?
    Is it mostly domestic, or commercial, or a mixture of both? What percentage of your turnover is domestic or commercial? Approximately how many contracts are there?
  • What cleaning methods do you use?
    Do you use Waterfed Poles? What type of system - van mounted, trolley, backpack? How many? Are these working and included in your sale? What percentage of your business turnover is Water Fed Pole and how much is Traditional?
  • How do you manage your rounds?
    How do you manage and schedule the work you have? Do you use a paper system? A custom software programme? A spreadsheet? A notebook?
  • Do you have complete customer information for each contract?
    Do you have contact names, addresses, telephone numbers, and cleaning schedules for all your existing customers? Do you have information on how long each contract has been your customer?
  • How many hours of work is there in an average month for window cleaning contracts?
    For a company with full-time employees this wouldn't necessarily be relevant, but for smaller companies this would be important information.
  • What approximate proportion of your work, in terms of turnover, is
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
    • 6-weekly
    • 2-Monthly
    • 3-Monthly
    • 6-Monthly
    • Annually
  • What's your turnover for the last 3 years (if you've been trading that long), and what's projected this year?
    We don't want to be too nosey, but some basic financial information is important at this stage. If you have properly prepared accounts for the last few years you've been in business these will be critical at a later stage. If your business is relatively new, we can work around this.
  • What is the average monthly income?
    How is this paid - cheque, cash, invoicing? What are the approximate proportions of cash, cheque and invoice payments in relation to turnover?

    What is the average contract charge? What is the minimum charge & maximum charge per clean for the contracts you currently have?
  • Do you have a figure or proposal in mind?
    Do you know how much you want for your business? Do you have a figure in mind? Based on the financial information you make available to us, we can make an initial assessment on whether we'd be able to meet your expectations. Any offer we make is based on a combination of the type of work you do, where it is based, the turnover, the costs, and the profitability of your existing business.

    Alternatively, you may want to continue working as a window cleaner but be part of a large growing company. We'll consider any proposal or solution that you put forward.

Answers to these questions will help us make a decision about whether we want to take things further. We will look at companies of any size and it doesn't matter if you're well established or relatively new with a small round.

Contact Us

Please contact Rob Jamieson on 01896 759970. You can also email him at All enquiries will be treated in the strictest confidence and any information you provide will only be shared with the owners of Border Window Clean in making an initial assessment on whether we can progress to the next stage or make an offer.

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